We have experience in both sales and life experience!

We are not theorists, of course we learned, but we had the chance to apply in practice the sales tehniques.
From the 2000’s we have reviewed, prepared and organised training sessions, customed trainings after our clients specifics.

We consider together every situation in order to work out an professional training specific for the company.
Your employees have learned about the products or services offered to the clients, but have they learned to sell themselves too?

The majority of our participants at the trainings, which were organised and supported by us,have complained that one of the most client’s objections is the price when they buy the products or the services. True! Then I asked: ”Do you agree that the clients are people just like you(people=client)?, ”Do you agree that the products/services are plus/minus the same?
The common consent was: YES.  So what makes the difference?

Choose the trainings organised by us in order to help your employees „to sell themselves”.
You can co-operate with us to organise some training programmes based on our experience and on the deep study of client’s psychology.

Have your  team ever participated at trainings?If yes,it’s a good thing to experience with us too so you can „make the difference”.